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Forex Strategies of South Africa's Richest Traders: Insights

In the dynamic realm of Forex trading, South Africa stands as a breeding ground for extraordinary individuals who have transcended barriers to attain unprecedented success. Here, we delve into the inspiring narratives of these enterprising traders, tracing their paths from diverse backgrounds to becoming influential figures in the Forex industry.

South Africa’s Wealthiest Forex Traders

1. Jabulani Ngcobo 

At just 37, Jabulani Ngcobo is one of South Africa’s self-made millionaires, boasting a net worth of $2.4 billion. Originating from a laborer background, Ngcobo's journey is a testament to the potential of hard work and dedication. He transitioned from manual labor to establishing his own debt collection and Forex trading companies.

2. George van der Riet 

George van der Riet is a highly respected South African trader renowned for his extensive experience and expertise in financial markets. A mentor to Sandile Shezi and others, van der Riet’s success lies in his effective use of established strategies and robust risk management practices. Despite facing legal complications and a sentence in London, he resurfaced in South Africa, turning a modest investment into a substantial fortune.

3. Ref Wayne 

Ranked among South Africa’s top 10 Forex traders, Ref Wayne achieved multimillionaire status at a young age. Besides being the creator of Pip Coin, he is a financial literacy teacher, offering free Forex lessons and establishing the African Forex Institute.

4. Reabetswe Shongwe 

Reabetswe Shongwe’s journey from a low-paid retail job to a successful female Forex trader is inspiring. As a member of Trade4Africa’s Women in Forex and Entrepreneurship (W.I.F.E.) division, she exemplifies the growing prominence of Forex trading in Africa.

5. Louis Tshakoane 

Founder of Undercover Millionaire’s Currency in South Africa, Louis Tshakoane aims to create a platform for business collaboration. His book titled 'Forex Millionaire in 365 Days by God’s Grace' has garnered substantial sales, and he generously offers complimentary Forex signals to individuals unable to access premium services.

6. Shaun Benjamin

Shaun Benjamin’s journey began with financial difficulties but culminated in him becoming a Forex trader. Raised by a single mother and facing numerous challenges, he established the Benjamin Forex Academy, focusing on helping others achieve financial freedom and reduce unemployment in South Africa.

A Roadmap to Success

Embarking on a journey to become a successful Forex trader in South Africa? Here are key tips from Traders Union analysts:

Keep Learning

Start by acquiring knowledge. Dedicate time to acquiring knowledge about the Forex industry by exploring guides, videos, and books.

Practice Wisely

When confident, practice using demo accounts. Exercise prudence in not prolonging your stay in demo mode, as it may impede a seamless transition to live trading.

Manage Emotions

Avoid emotional trading, which often leads to impulsive decisions and more losses.

Take Advantage of Mistakes

Welcome mistakes as chances for growth. Keep a record of your trades to analyze and improve your skills.

These invaluable tips cater to both beginners and experienced traders, providing a comprehensive roadmap to success in the South African Forex trading landscape.


In conclusion, the success stories of South Africa's wealthiest Forex traders not only reflect their financial acumen but also underscore the transformative power of dedication and innovation in the Forex industry. From overcoming personal challenges to fostering financial literacy and community impact, these traders exemplify the diverse avenues one can explore on the path to success. Aspiring traders can draw inspiration from their journeys, remembering that success in Forex trading goes beyond monetary gains, encompassing a commitment to continuous learning, emotional resilience, and a positive impact on the broader financial landscape.